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Christ is Risen

Christ is Risen

When we forget the words of the recitations and we put away the video until next year, when we consume the last piece of ham, Easter will still be here! Many of us celebrate Easter just Easter weekend. After the sunrise and regular worship services, we want things to return to normalcy. We quickly devour the dyed eggs and place the candied ones in bowls; we freeze the bone from the ham for later use; the new clothing has become a part of other items in the closet or is resting on the armchair for the cleaners; and the internal spirit of Easter begins to wane.

We no longer remember the special anthem that the choir sang. We will remove the lilies from the sanctuary and eventually they will become trash. We may not remember all the points of the sermons. We swiftly prepare for the next thing. We begin moving forward to the next upcoming holidays, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and have begun to plan the family outing and gathering. Where will we take Mom for dinner? Easter is over! He got up! Hallelujah! For many believers, this is how we think and how we move from Easter.

Easter is a never-ending celebration. Every Sunday we gather in worship is a celebration of Easter. We express our gratitude to God for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is the mantra for the Church of Christ, “Christ is Risen!” It should be a never-ending, joyous celebration. This excitement should empower and fuel the Church of Christ. The resurrection of Jesus should bring us much delight and leave us desiring more.

However, for many believers, we are anxious to move on, to get Easter behind us. Retailers do not help; they have already placed Easter merchandise at discounted prices to get it off the shelves. All the things that we will need for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are now occupying the space of Easter baskets, specialty cards, and rows of candy. We have turned our attention away from the cross and now focus on grills, charcoal, plants, flowers, and stuff for Mom.

The Church of Christ beats to a different drummer; we are motivated and moved by the Holy Spirit. While the world rushes to the next thing, we remain anchored to those things that feed our spirits and lifts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Please do not be quick to run from Easter. Allow these Sundays to minister to you in unique ways. Walk through the wonderful drama of the Church and allow these days to speak to your heart, empowering you to serve the Lord. Christ is Risen! Happy Easter! Amen.

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