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Excerpts on “everydayness”…

Excerpts on “everydayness” from Womanist Ethics and the Cultural Production of Evil (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2006) by Emilie M. Townes:

“Ultimately, somewhere deep inside each of us we know that perhaps the simplest, yet the most difficult, answer to the challenge of what will we do with the fullness and incompleteness of who we are as we stare down the interior life of the cultural production of evil is live your faith deeply. This is not a quest for perfection, but for what we call in Christian ethics the everydayness of moral acts. It is what we do every day that shapes us and where both the fantastic hegemonic (syn: dominate, authoritative, supreme, powerful, ruling) imagination and the challenge and hope to dismantle it are found. It is in these acts that we do that say more about us than those grand moments of righteous indignation and action:


the everydayness of listening closely when folks talk or don’t talk to hear what they are saying;

the everydayness of taking some time, however short or long, to refresh ourselves through prayer or meditation;

the everydayness of speaking to folks and actually meaning whatever it is that is coming out of our mouths;

the everydayness of being a presence in people’s lives;

the everydayness of designing a class session or lecture or reading or writing or thinking;

the everydayness of sharing a meal;

the everydayness of facing heartache and disappointment;

the everydayness of joy and laughter;

the everydayness of facing people who expect us to lead them somewhere or at least point them in the right direction and walk with them;

the everydayness of blending head and heart;

the everydayness of getting up and trying one more time to get our living right” (164).


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