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God created Africa

2-19-17-africaOne of my young adult dreams was to travel to Africa, our native homeland. Through the support of our congregation, we have participated in four mission trips to Ghana.

In the planning phase to return home, Dr. and Mrs. Paul (Gwen) Amamoo thoroughly prepared us for what to expect and what we would encounter. Exiting the airport in Accra, a sea of “white” met us. Locals, mostly wearing white attire, would come to the airport to greet those returning home, especially for the first time. Many knew no one exiting the airport; they were there to extend a gracious welcome home.

Initially, our work took us to Nima, a densely populated community approximately thirty minutes from Accra, the nation’s capital. While there, we conducted a medical mission that included basic health screenings, a dental and eye clinic, pharmacy, and evangelism and prayer for everyone who came through the church where we worked. We ministered to a large group of friends, including our Muslim brothers and sisters who lived in that community.

The subsequent three mission trips focused on the village of Winneba, a densely fishing community approximately two hours from Accra. We agreed to collaborate with a local congregation, the chief (Neenyi Ghartey VII) and the village to help build a community library. One of the shovels used for the “ground cutting” is on the wall outside the pastor’s study. While in Winneba, we provided a medical mission and life skill workshops at the church that serviced many friends who lived in Winneba.

Pastor Daniel Oppong-Brobbey, our faithful and beloved pastor and host, embraced our efforts by encouraging his congregation to attend and receive all that we brought to share. The congregation was there to receive blessings from us and we walked away blessed by them. They graciously loved us; were hospitable and kind; and shared the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

I highlight this beloved work of our ministry to encourage those of us who can to make the sacrifice and go home. Go and see the beauty of Africa. The first time seeing and touching African soil, you will never be the same. When you walk through the slave castle (Elmina or Cape Coast), the place our ancestors took their last step on African soil before enduring hundreds of years of enslavement, you will never see life from the same perspective.

As Christians, you will see the hand of God at work in and through our tragedy, in and through our suffering, and in and through our redemption and redemptive work. When God created the earth, God created Africa, our home! Amen.

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