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Missionary Connections

Missionary Connections

Sara and I met Dr. Paul and Mrs. Gwen Amamoo through Materia Johnson. Accompanying Paul and Gwen, Tabernacle made four mission trips to Ghana, West Africa. Through those trips, we met Pastor Daniel Oppong-Brobbey, the late Sister Comfort N. Boison, Chief Neenyi Ghartey, the chief of Winneba, Ghana, and the people of Winneba.  Through the contributions of our ministry, a community center/library was built in Winneba. Our ministry has touched the lives of many people because of Tabernacle’s generosity. This is mission work.

We were blessed to invite Chief Ghartey and Comfort to Birmingham and Tabernacle. Chief Ghartey was welcomed to the City of Birmingham in 2008 during a City Council meeting. He was given a key to the city and a public reception was held in the Fellowship Hall. Comfort spoke during a worship service and talked about the importance of being available to be used by God. This is mission work.

Through all these connections and efforts, our relationships in Ghana continue to be maintained. Although Comfort, after a prolonged illness, is home with the Lord, we continue to communicate with her family, especially her son, Raymond. Pastor Oppong-Brobbey now pastors in another part of coastal Accra, in Cape Coast, but we remain in communication with each other. This is mission work.

Mission work is not talking about doing mission work; it is doing mission work! It involves making the difference in the lives of people whose lives need to be impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is using what God has invested in us to change the lives of people whose resources are minimum. This is mission work.

Not all of us are able to go to Africa or to the foreign mission field. However, all of us can support the work of missionaries wherever they are working. You supported eleven missionaries from our church to do work in Ghana. Additionally, twenty-four other missionaries from various congregations accompanied us in that work in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2010. The Village of Winneba has a population of more than 55,000 people. Today, they continue to be blessed by the work initiated by our church in 2006. This is mission work. Amen.