Tabernacle Baptist Church “Standing Fast in One Spirit, With              One Mind, For the Faith" Philippians 1.27a (NIV)

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Reverend Dr. Christopher M. Hamlin, Pastor

Our Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Hamlin serves as Pastor of the 128-year old Tabernacle Baptist Church and the Director of the HIV/AIDS African American Faith Based Initiative at the 1917 Clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He served as Facilitator for Project Corporate Leadership, a leadership program designed for middle managers of businesses and corporations sponsored by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, for six years.  From 1990 to September 2000, Dr. Hamlin served as Senior Pastor of the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church of Birmingham.

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Welcome to Tab!!!

The people of Tabernacle Baptist Church are excited that this medium is available as a means of welcoming you to our church. As we celebrate 128 years of active ministry in the City of Birmingham, Tabernacle continues to be blessed by God’s providential care and the commitment of people whose love for Christ and ministry is genuine.

Dr. Hamlin’s Reflection for Sunday, May 17, 2015.

Weekly Calendar

“Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it.”

                                               Marva Collins, b.1936

                                                 American Educator

 Marva Collins, a wife, mother and educator, was not completely pleased with the Chicago School System.  A native of Monroeville, Alabama, Collins graduated from Clark College (now Clark Atlanta University), and began a career as a school teacher initially in Alabama and later in Chicago.  Instead of complaining about the education system that she was a part of and how it labeled certain students as learning disabled, in 1975 she started the Westside Preparatory School and led the school for more than thirty years.  She demonstrated that “success doesn’t come to you; you go get it.”

 Through her efforts and the support she received from her family, parents, and community, Ms. Collins was able to turn the light on for students and they learned.  They were successful learners, quickly making the adjustment from the Chicago School System way of doing things to Ms. Collins disciplined, no nonsense approach to educating children.  She encouraged and demanded success and saw it in the results of her students.  

 Today’s society is radically different from what it was when Mrs. Collins started Westside Preparatory School.  The challenges are greater.  The obstacles are more difficult.  The distractions are more intense.  Yet, we have students in our church and community who are navigating through the challenges successfully and have measurable significance.  Additionally, we must do all we can to help those who fall behind.  We must demand from our school systems that they do better and demand more.  We must applaud successes and encourage those struggling to do better, to do the best they can and applaud those efforts.

 We must encourage all students to do their best and we must ensure that they have all the tools necessary to be successful.  With the upcoming summer months, I encourage parents and guardians and all of us to encourage our students to continue learning.  Every student and adults should be reading, learning and enjoying the process.  Select books online or from the library and dive into a summer of reading good books.  I am in the process of creating my summer reading list and look forward to enjoying those books.


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Weekly Meetings

Thurs.  05-14  Bible Study      12 Noon
                        Backpack Project
                        Barrett Elementary School

Fri.      05-15   No Activities

Sat.    05-16   In-House VBS Workshop

                        “I Go-A Fishing”               12noon

                        Choir Rehearsal

Sun.    05-17   Fellowship        9:00 am

                        Quiet Time        9:15 am

                        Sunday School  9:25 am

                        Worship            10:50 am

Mon.   05-18    No Activities

Tues.   05-19   No Activities

Wed.  05-20   Meals on Wheels

                        Work-Out Wed.

                        Teacher’s Prep  5:00pm

                        Bible Study        6:15pm