Tabernacle Baptist Church “Standing Fast in One Spirit, With              One Mind, For the Faith" Philippians 1.27a (NIV)

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Reverend Dr. Christopher M. Hamlin, Pastor

Our Pastor

The Rev. Dr. Christopher M. Hamlin serves as Pastor of the 128-year old Tabernacle Baptist Church and the Director of the HIV/AIDS African American Faith Based Initiative at the 1917 Clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He served as Facilitator for Project Corporate Leadership, a leadership program designed for middle managers of businesses and corporations sponsored by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce, for six years.  From 1990 to September 2000, Dr. Hamlin served as Senior Pastor of the historic Sixteenth Street Baptist Church of Birmingham.

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Welcome to Tab!!!

The people of Tabernacle Baptist Church are excited that this medium is available as a means of welcoming you to our church. As we celebrate 128 years of active ministry in the City of Birmingham, Tabernacle continues to be blessed by God’s providential care and the commitment of people whose love for Christ and ministry is genuine.

Dr. Hamlin’s Reflection for Sunday, September 14, 2014

“Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a

big dream and a bad team.”

 John C. Maxwell

 The disciples of Jesus were successful because, in part, they functioned as a team.  Jesus strategically called each of them well aware of their gifts and talents.  He knew the contribution each would make; He knew their potential and those areas where they would be challenged.  Jesus told Peter that he would deny Him three times.  He welcomed the kiss of betrayal by Judas and predicted it.  He knew that Matthew/Levi would be equally committed as he was as a tax collector.  Jesus knew all of them would leave all that was important to them and follow Him.

 Jesus shared with His team the vision for ministry, the vision for the Church.  He shared with them a powerful vision, a vision that included an invitation to all people and gave His disciples the tools so that nothing would be able to prevent its success (Matthew 16.18).  Jesus knew His team and used them wisely in ministry.  Despite the many challenges they faced, including persecution and death, they were great champions for the cause of faith. (Continue click here)

Weekly Meetings

Thurs. 9-11 Bible Study     Noon
                    Remember 9/11

Fri.      9-12  No Meetings

Sat.     9-13  Children’s Choir                   Rehearsal        4pm

Sun.     9-14 Quiet Time       915 am

                     Sunday School  925 am

                      Worship          1050 am

Mon.     9-15  51th Commemorative Anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing

        Deacon’s Meeting       6:00pm
        Deacon’s Wives Mtg   6:00pm              

Tues.     9-16 No meetings

Wed.    9-17  Teacher Prep    530pm

                 Bible Study/ Prayer Mtg                615pm

Weekly Calendar